San Antonio State Hospital at S. Presa

The San Antonio State Hospital has had a presence in the Southeast side for generations, but it is now ready to be reimagined. Fifty-five acres are ready for development that accentuates natural features such as heritage trees, the flowing creek and views of Downtown, and takes advantage of its proximity to the San Antonio River Mission Reach and the Brooks campus.

Goliad Road

Goliad Road, between Fair Avenue and SE Military Drive, is a 2.75-mile long commercial corridor lined with community-serving businesses. It is oriented to vehicular travel with deep, street-fronting parking lots, narrow sidewalks, and minimal streetscaping.


The catalytic sites were selected for more detailed concept design work and their potential investment prioritization. The time frame envisioned for implementing catalytic projects in these areas would typically be five to ten years. The Planning Team identified and discussed areas where investment is needed and feasible and where there is a greater likelihood of return on public investment.

Selection of catalytic project sites was based, in part, on an analysis of where land is available for new development and redevelopment, as well as an assessment of where businesses were underperforming. In addition, the Brooks Area Regional Center Planning Team chose to focus on areas not already in the process of revitalizing such as the Brooks campus, and areas adjacent to the Brooks campus.

The two selected sites are very different in both their current use and future vision. The 55 acres on the San Antonio State Hosptial site have potential to be developed in many different ways given that this property is a greenfield (i.e., has not previously been developed). Conceptual development programs should be carefully evaluated to ensure the site is developed to provide desired community amenities and housing and employment opportunities in anticipation of the growth projected for Bexar County and the Brooks Area Regional Center.

Goliad Road is an established, autocentric commercial corridor with strong potential for redevelopment at key intersections. The streetscape environment should be reoriented towards pedestrians, development should integrate new buildings with existing structures, and businesses shall become a greater asset to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Catalytic Projects Recommendations

To meet a growing demand for housing, the 55 acres should be thoughtfully designed and developed to provide a mixture of housing types, retail uses, and community amenities, creating an asset for both future and current Brooks Area residents. Natural features should be preserved, abundant open spaces should be provided, and development should be sensitive to the nearby San Antonio River Mission Reach, historical context, and surrounding neighborhoods.
Goliad Road should undergo a comprehensive corridor revitalization study which could include a traffic study, market study, design guidelines, and a revitalization plan similar to San Antonio’s Northeast Corridor. Key considerations should include improving the pedestrian environment along Goliad Road, creating better connections to the surrounding neighborhoods, and development that supports a wider range of community serving businesses and services accessible to nearby residents.

Catalytic Project #1

San Antonio State Hospital at South Presa Street

View of the property from Corpus Christi Highway

The 55 acres available for redevelopment does not have any existing structures. It is covered in thick vegetation which is bisected by State Hospital (Asylum) Creek which then flows into the San Antonio River. The property currently used by the San Antonio State Hospital is located to the north and east of the property. South Presa Street runs parallel to the western property line. The Mission Reach portion of the San Antonio River lies further west of the property across Presa Street and the Union Pacific rail tracks.

The vision for development of the State Hospital site combines elements of a green neighborhood and trail-oriented development. The creek should be emphasized as a natural amenity and organizing focal point and serve as a multimodal connection across the property. A variety of residences, including single-family houses, townhomes, and apartments contribute to housing choice in the Brooks Area. Current and future residents will enjoy local retail, access to the San Antonio River, and social spaces such as a community garden or an amphitheater.

Catalytic Project #2

Goliad Road

Intersection at Hot Wells Boulevard and Goliad Road

The intersection of Hot Wells Boulevard and Goliad Road is the midpoint of the Goliad Corridor. Hot Wells Boulevard does not extend east past this intersection. The current intersection is served by only one pedestrian crossing and is surrounded by a mixture of industrial and commercial uses as well as several vacant buildings and pieces of land. Pedestrians could feel safer and more comfortable if the sidewalk was wider. The area is lacking in shade and active ground floor uses.

The intersection of Hot Wells Boulevard and Goliad Road is reimagined as a mixed-use node where people can live, work, and play. Instead of gray, crumbling concrete and wires, the streets will be lined with shade trees and public art. Buildings will rise up to four stories and include space for both owner- and renter-occupied housing, medical offices, cafes, and other retail uses. Social gathering spaces like a farmer’s market and art galleries will invite people to spend time in the area instead of just passing through.