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Brooks Area Regional Center

“If a man faces up to the unknown and takes the dare of the future,
he can have some control over his destiny.”
- John Glenn, Space Pioneer

A History of the Brooks Area

Brooks is a trail-blazing, pioneering community; the area lays claim to a pedigree of such projects throughout history which have influenced its creation from Spanish colonial missions to early flight schools to aerospace medicine.

Just like a true pioneer, the Brooks area is resilient, adaptive, and has persevered through adversity; turning times of crisis into times of opportunity such as redeveloping the closed Brooks Air Force Base into the vibrant Brooks City Base for which the planning area is named.

Family, history, and the environment are all deeply respected in the innovative spirit of the area; rejecting the status quo and motivated by those that came before them, the Brooks area honors their history by discovering new ways to enhance and improve the community holistically.

In this way the Brooks area continues to be cutting edge and forward-thinking; placing emphasis on collaborative strategies which benefit the environment, health and wellbeing, education and overall quality of life for the future.

Brooks Area Regional Center Plan Overview

The Brooks Area Regional Center Plan is a long-term plan for the future.
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Plan Outline

Brooks is one of San Antonio’s emerging activity centers and a major catalyst for growth on the south side of the city. Click here to learn more about the Brooks Area Regional Center Plan Outline.

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Process & Timeline

Development of the Brooks Area Regional Center Plan commenced in Summer 2017 and will continue through next summer. Click here to learn more about the different phases of this project.

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Project Manager

Jana Punelli

Planner - Citywide Planning Division


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The SA Tomorrow Plan

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